Brillare Moon & Star Ear Cuffs


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Try and name a better duo than the Moon & Stars, we’ll wait. Our first ever ear cuffs feature this iconic pairing, the Moon on one and a Star on the other. What we love about these cuffs is that a piercing is not necessaryall you do is slip them on and tighten to hold in place. Wear them on their own or with your favourite Moonglow earrings. Thinking about a piercing? Use a cuff to test it out.

“Brillare”[pronounced bri•lar•ey]is the Italian word for shining brightly, and we think it suits this dyad perfectly. An accessory that you didn’t know you needed but will compliment your collection perfectly. And best of all is that you get both

  • Metal: Stainless Steel

The Glow

Like the moon itself, each lunar
charm is designed to absorb light by day to glow in dark environments--lighting up memories every time they glow.

Moonglow is on a mission to
light up the world--connecting
our customers to the moments
that matter most

+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date
+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date

Beautifully Hand Finished

With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and every moment can be cherished in your favorite piece of jewelry.

Enter your special date into our Moon Calculator to find your moon from the date that matters most to you.

Real People, Real Moments