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What is Moonglow?

Moonglow is jewelry that features the picture of the moon from the date of your chopice. Pick any date you want to commemorate - the birth of a child, an anniversary, a graduation- and find the exact moon phase through our moon phase calculator. Once you have chosen your date, choose from our collection of bracelets, necklaces and more to carry your detailed hi-resolution image. As an added bonus, your moon will gently glow in the dark, reminding you of that special moment.

What are your shipping and return policies?

Please visit the following link for shipping and return information

Certain items must be constructed on a per order basis. If the item needs to be handcrafted, there will be a message in the product description saying: This one-of-a-kind gem takes 14 days to construct.

Is there applicable sales tax?

Sales tax is added to all orders shipped to California and New York. Sales tax is not charged on shipments to gift recipients outside California and New York.

Do you ship to Canada?

All orders going to Canada will be shipped from our Canadian address and will NOT be subject to duties or extra taxes.

Why doesn't my Moonglow piece have the logo on the back?

Moonglow has been growing in popularity and there are some counterfeit products being sold online, at flea markets and other locations.

When you purchase from Moonglow you are supporting a team of North American artists. To verify if your Moonglow is authentic, simply look for the logo on the back.

Do you sell anywhere else online?

Moonglow is sold through authorized retailers. We do not sell on 3rd part platforms such as Amazon or Ebay.

Where else can I buy besides your website?

Moonglow is sold in over 300 stores in North America, Europe, and Australia.

How long will it take for my Moonglow item to be shipped once my order has been placed?

Most orders placed after 10 AM PST Monday-Thursday will ship out within 48 hours of ordering but can take up to 3 days if the item needs to be crafted. (We do not ship Saturdays, Sundays, or major holidays.) Your order will be shipped USPS Priority Mail unless you select an alternative shipping method. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will ship out on Monday.

Once shipped, orders in the U.S are generally received within 1-5 business days.

Express services are also available to certain locations. Transit times may increase if your order is being shipped to a rural address or outside the continental U.S. (examples: addresses in Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and Puerto Rico) or during holiday seasons.

USPS Priority Mail is the method of shipping. If you would like a faster method, that's not a problem. Please give customer service a call at 1888-707-9083 or simply choose Express Mail in the shipping options upon checkout.

Is there a warranty on your jewelry?

All Moonglow items come with a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase and are eligible for a full refund or exchange. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase upon arrival, please notify us immediately and we will attempt to correct the situation for you.

We are not responsible for normal wear and tear from everyday use such as scratches over the months and years of wearing your jewelry. If you feel you purchased an item that is a manufacturer's defect please contact us and we will do our best to make it right for you.

When was Moonglow created?

We started in 2003 in Montreal, Canada where the jewelry originated and expanded into the USA in 2004. We now sell all over the world.

I'm interested in carrying your product line in my store. How do I get started?

Please take a moment to fill out our questionnaire on the Distributor Center. We will be in touch promptly to discuss some different opportunities and available territories.

What else is included in my order when it arrives?

Your jewelry will come in either a very soft padded velvet pouch or a jewelry box. You will also receive a card explaining what the product is, if it's a gift, he or she will understand what the phase of the moon means along with the date you pick. Included in your order is a Moonglow Jewelry certificate of authenticity and warranty card.

Can I wear my Moonglow in the shower, pool, or in the ocean? Will it tarnish if it gets wet?

Water durability for Moonglow jewelry depends on which item you've purchased and what metal that style is made out of. We don't have any nickel in our jewelry, so it won't tarnish or turn green/black when it gets wet. Pewter, silver-plated, and stainless steel charms should be fine if briefly exposed to water, but in moderation, I would suggest. Just like anything else, too much exposure to anything will cause harm to the item over time. Keep in mind, the pendants are a photograph of the moon, sealed with acrylic covering the photo. The photo could be damaged if water somehow seeps in between the metal exterior of the pedant and the acrylic coating reaching the photo. This is not very likely, but extended or excessive exposure to water increases this risk of damage. The water durability for chains also depends on their metal type. Pewter is not recommended to water exposure. Sterling silver and rhodium coated chains should be fine if moderately exposed to water, but again, in moderation and keeping them clean with appropriate cleaner is also suggested.

Does Moonglow jewelry glow in the dark?

All of our collection is designed to absorb any light in order to charge it. When placed in the dark, your moon jewelry will glow gently, mimicking the moon in the sky.

Is my Moonglow magnetic? Is it safe to wear with a pacemaker? 

Our products may contain magnetic properties. Please consult with your doctor prior to wearing any of our jewelry. 

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