Moonglow Gift Card


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Want to give your favorite person the perfect gift to commemorate their special moments? No more picking a piece at random and hoping they like it. With a Moonglow Gift Card, you let them decide exactly how they want to wear their moments!


  • All gift cards will be delivered via e-mail in the form of a code.
  • Physical gift cards are not currently offered.

The Glow

Like the moon itself, each lunar
charm is designed to absorb light by day to glow in dark environments--lighting up memories every time they glow.

Moonglow is on a mission to
light up the world--connecting
our customers to the moments
that matter most

+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date
+ Unique Styles for a moment 100% you
Your Lunar Date

Beautifully Hand Finished

With Moonglow, every moment has a moon and every moment can be cherished in your favorite piece of jewelry.

Enter your special date into our Moon Calculator to find your moon from the date that matters most to you.

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