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What Moonglow Retailers Are Saying

Every time we sell a piece, that customer brings a friend or family member back because they “need” one too!

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Moonglow is a great line that moves well! Everybody loves looking up their special dates.


Moonglow has been our best seller for two years now. The interaction, design and price point of this product makes it a great line to carry.


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What are the Moonglow retailer qualifications?

You must have a brick and mortar store or a reputable online store. We do not sell or permit selling on Amazon or other third party websites. A minimum purchase is required.

What does a Moonglow retailer do?

Our Retail Partners are committed to appropriately stocking styles carried in store and following branding guidelines to present Moonglow Jewelry. Educational and marketing tools are provided to Retail Partners. Moonglow is incredibly unique, meaningful and affordable, a consistent seller in stores.

What kind of products does Moonglow offer?

Moonglow has spent the last ten years conceptualizing and delivering this unique, sentimental jewelry to a global audience. With Moonglow’s ever-expanding selection, we constantly strive to offer pieces that are universally appealing. We offer a variety of pieces including necklaces, pendants, bracelets and rings. Each piece has its own moon-related title and description, giving it a personality of its own.

Where is Moonglow jewelry made?

One of the biggest selling points is that Moonglow Jewelry is hand finished in North America. Moonglow’s distribution hub is located in, and product ships from, Miami, Florida.

About Moonglow Jewelry

Moonglow Jewelry is custom-made and personalized, representing a significant moment in one’s life.

Customers choose a date of significance such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement or wedding day, Moonglow then provides the phase of the moon on that exact date and crafts a framed image of that phase.

Each Moonglow pendant absorbs light during the day and glows at night, serving as a constant reminder of the special moment it represents.

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